Andrew Ludwig

Master Diver, Divemaster, ERDI Dive Supervisor

Additional Specialties: Technical Rescue, Tech Diving, Dive Equipment Repair

Portrait image of an ERDI Instructor dive instructor

Andrew began his career in public safety when he joined Dauntless Hook and Ladder, Selinsgrove PA. in 2013, and then moving to Parsippany Rescue and Recovery in 2014.

Since then, Andrew has advanced his fire service training to include Rescue Technician, Hazmat Technician, Swift Water Technician and Ice Rescue Technician, among others.  

Andrew began diving in 2015, when he received his PADI Open Water in preparation for public safety diving. As many other divers have discovered, the allure of the underwater world is very hard to ignore, and Andrew was no exception. 

As of Jan. 2020, Andrew has logged approximately 580 dives in a wide variety of disciplines, both public safety and recreational/technical.

Dive Certifications

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