Eddie is one of the original members of the NEPSD family.

He started his public safety career in 2008 when he joined the Mahwah Fire Department (NJ), Fire Rescue Co #1. Over the years, he has held many positions including Dive Coordinator on up to Battalion Chief. These positions, and the responsibilities that went with them, allowed Eddie to master the many skills that managing dive, rescue, and fire operations requires. 

Eddie began public safety diving in 2011 with the Co #1 Dive Team and discovered a love for diving.

With a number of diving years and certifications under his belt, Eddie began teaching PSD with Tim Andro in 2015.

One of Eddie’s best qualities as a teacher is working one on one with his students. He is dedicated to getting his students comfortable in the water and through the task at hand. He makes sure that none of his students give up due to fear, discomfort, or uncertainty. 

Diving Credentials:

  • ERDI Tender Technician
  • ERDI Dive Technician I and II
  • SDI Low Light/Night Operations
  • ERDI Night Diving Ops
  • ERDI Ice Diver
  • ERDI Underwater Criminal Investigation (UCI)
  • ERDI Dive Supervisor
  • SDI Computer Nitrox
  • ERDI Dry Suit
  • ERDI Full Facemask