Underwater Crime Scene Investigator

The trained and qualified underwater crime scene investigator sits at the peak of the public safety diving industry.

These divers are fully capable of carrying a criminal investigation into a body of water, in a way where their findings are acceptable and admissible in criminal court and can be used to prosecute wrong-doers.


The purpose of the ERDI Underwater Crime Scene Investigations program is to provide necessary skills and knowledge in performing underwater crime scene investigations, preservation and proper documentation for court ready testimony.

Student Prerequisites

  1. 18 years old
  2. Should be an active member of a law enforcement investigation agency or emergency first response group.

Qualification of Graduates

UWCSI courses are for law enforcement and emergency response personnel who may be first on the scene of a underwater crime scene investigation. Responders are expected to understand the constitution, responding, preparing the crime scene, death investigations, medical aspects, fingerprints, characteristics of bodies in water, recovery procedures, and court ready documentation.

Course Duration

This course is approximately 16-24 hours of classroom lecture and demonstration.

Materials Needed

Students will need only appropriate note taking materials (paper, notebooks, pens, etc.) An approved textbook will be provided (included in course cost) that is the student’s to keep.

Topics Covered

  1. The Constitution
    a. Bill of Rights
    b. Fourth, fifth, sixth and 14th amendments
    c. Reasonable expectations of privacy
    d. Plainview doctrine
    e. Case studies
  2. Terms and Definitions Used in Industry
  3. Establish Crime Scene
  4. Witness Interviewing
  5. Types of Evidence
  6. Methods Photographing and Sketching the Scene
  7. Decomposition Processes
  8. Death Investigation
  9. Physiology of Drowning
  10. Body Recovery, Reporting and Handling Procedures
  11. Securing Evidence- Metal and Nonmetal Evidence Preservation
  12. Packaging and Submitting Evidence
  13. Scuba-Accident or Fatality Investigation
  14. Fingerprint Analysis-Underwater Fingerprinting
  15. Case Studies-911 Calls
  16. Videos
  17. Red Flags With Investigations
  18. Develop Court Ready Documentation

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