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We are a public safety dive training company absolutely committed to elevating the craft of public safety diving through proven training programs and certifications

Our passion for safe and effective diving is virtually limitless.

We Dive Exactly What We Teach

All of our staff divers and ERDI Instructors are veteran public safety divers on active dive teams. Not retired, currently active.

We’ve found that being able to relate directly to our students with an experience that happened last week, or last month, really helps students grasp the concept we are trying to teach.

And our breadth of experience is increasing every day, which means our future students can benefit from that expanded knowledge.

Meet the staff…

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Meet Our ERDI Instructor and Staff Divers

Founder, Owner, and Head ERDI Instructor/ Certifying Agent for NePSD.

Portrait image of Tim Andro, ERDI Instructor

Tim Andro

Additional Specialties: Deep Diver, Closed-Circuit Rebreather, Wreck Diver, Surface Supplied Diver

Tim is the founder, owner, and head certifying instructor of Northeast Public Safety Divers.

Tim began diving in 2005 and became in SDI and ERDI instructor in 2015. Over the course of his extensive dive career, Tim has accrued over 100 individual dive certifications and logged over 3,000 dives to depths of up to 225'.

Tim is also an active firefighter (since 1999) and public safety diver on the Mahwah Fire and Rescue Co #1 Dive Rescue team, where he is also the Coordinator of that team. In his position as coordinator, Tim has commanded dive operations for the FBI, US Coast Guard, NY and NJ Port Authority Police, and numerous other smaller jurisdictions. His expertise is widely recognized in the public safety dive community where he has been a speaker at dive conferences and has received the ERDI "Outstanding Instructor Award" for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Master Diver, Divemaster, ERDI Dive Supervisor

Portrait image of an ERDI Instructor dive instructor

Andrew Ludwig

Additional Specialties: Technical Rescue, Tech Diving, Dive Equipment Repair

Andrew began his career in public safety when he joined Dauntless Hook and Ladder, Selinsgrove PA. in 2013, and then moving to Parsippany Rescue and Recovery in 2014.
Since then, Andrew has advanced his fire service training to include Rescue Technician, Hazmat Technician, Swift Water Technician and Ice Rescue Technician, among others.

To date, Andrew has logged approximately 650 dives in a wide variety of disciplines, both public safety and recreational/technical.

Master Diver, ERDI Dive Supervisor

Eric Moritz

Additional Specialties: Technical Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, Dive Operation Command

Eric began his public safety career when he joined the Mahwah (NJ) Fire Department in 2005.

To date, Eric has served as the Rescue Captain, Mahwah Fire Rescue Co #1, since 2012 and has attended numerous firefighting and technical rescue specialty courses. With these skills, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to NePSD in the realm of difficult rescues, anything vehicle extrication related, ropes and knots, and ‘thinking outside the box.’

Complementing his technical rescue credentials, Eric also has a strong diving background starting with him joining Mahwah FD’s Water Rescue Team in 2009 before moving up to public safety diving in 2011 (Mahwah Co #1 Dive Team).

Master Diver, ERDI Dive Supervisor

Portrait image of James Finneran ERDI instructor

James Finneran

Additional Specialties: Technical Rescue

James began his career in public safety when he joined the Chester (NY) fire department in 2006, before moving to the Mahwah Fire Dept. (NJ) and joining Fire Rescue Co. #1.

In 2015, James began his public safety diving career and through perseverance and a willingness to dive as often as possible, rose to become a lead diver for Co #1 and Assistant Dive Coordinator.

Master Diver, ERDI Dive Supervisor

Portrait image of James Warnet ERDI Instructor

James Warnet

Additional Specialties: Technical Rescue, Knots, Law Enforcement & Evidence Recovery

James began his adventure in public safety when he joined the Ramsey Fire Dept. (NJ) in 2002. After many years of service, James relocated and joined Mahwah Fire Rescue Co #1 (NJ) in 2015 where he also immediately joined Co #1’s Dive and Water Rescue Team and became a primary diver.

James began diving in 2013 after he received his PADI Open Water certification.
After joining Co #1, James transitioned into the Public Safety Diving realm and hasn’t looked back since.

James is also the resident webmaster and tech genius, a freelance copywriter, and certified Law Enforcement Officer.

Master Diver, ERDI Dive Supervisor

Portrait image of John Bota ERDI Instructor

John Bota

Additional Specialties: Technical Rescue, Dive Equipment, Electronics

John began his career in public safety when he became a firefighter in 1985.

John discovered a love for diving in 2012 by earning his Open Water certification, followed by Advanced Diver and Nitrox in 2013. Caribbean dives weren’t enough though, and John joined Parsippany Rescue and Recovery in 2014, where he jumped headlong into public safety diving.

The Origin Story of Northeast Public Safety Divers

All From a Near-Disaster…

In 2012, a public safety diver, on a NJ fire department, entered a quarry searching for a victim. When he surfaced, he had sustained a decompression injury and was rushed to a hyperbaric chamber.

At the time, our eventual founder, Tim Andro, had been deep tech diving for approximately eight years and had logged around 800 dives. Most of them in the many shipwrecks that are scattered around the Jersey shore, at regular depths of 150’+.

Because of his experience as a diver and as a firefighter, Tim was asked to consult on the incident.

What he found was a team that lacked firm operational plans, ran with poorly serviced gear, and generally operated by the seat of their pants. They did not prioritize advanced training, and their regular training did not reflect how they actually operated at an incident.

It didn’t take long for Tim to decide that no public safety diver should ever have to spend time in a chamber, or worst-case die in the line of duty, from a lack of high-quality training.

So he did two things: he joined the bent diver’s team and rebuilt it, and committed himself to teaching public safety divers how to operate safer and be more effective at their tasks.

Fast-forward four years of buying equipment, putting the pieces together, and learning under two highly respected ERDI dive instructors (one from the FDNY Rescue 1 dive team and the other who trained the NYPD ESU dive team).

In 2016, Northeast Public Safety Divers was officially born.

Since then, the company has grown a lot. But we haven’t forgotten our roots.

We will put in whatever time and energy necessary to make sure students understand and can clearly demonstrate their skills. In certain cases, a student will receive one-on-one help from a staff diver dedicated to their learning.

Public safety diving is a dangerous and risky calling… But there are operation-tested procedures that can help reduce that risk and get divers home if the worst case happens.

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Our Professional Training Cadre is 100% Mobile To You

Northeast Public Safety Divers is a premiere public safety dive training company that offers a variety of SDI and ERDI certification courses to recreational and public safety divers, from basic all the way through Supervisor, with a large catalog of specialties. Our operation is mobile and we will bring an entire certification course to your department or area.

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