NePSD and UCI Join Forces


We have partnered with UCI to bring the next level of training to our students.

You can expect the same quality UCI training from NePSD because we have been taught and vetted by the legend himself Mike Berry! Our founder and staff divers have spent countless hours working towards as Mike would say “Perfection” to ensure we deliver the highest quality of UCI training.

With only five UCI instructors in the entire globe we are very proud to be part of the elite UCI family!!

It’s time you become the professional we are expected to be, and NePSD can now do that by taking you to the next level with UCI!!

“As you might know, becoming a UCI Instructor is almost impossible due to the amount of qualifications and experience required, being well respected in the PSD community (not a dick) and the fact that you have to be invited to be a part of the UCI instructor family. After working with Tim over the years, he took to our way of doing things like duck to water because he discovered that UCI training was what he was missing for his mission response. Because of their abilities and mastery of our recovery methods, I opened the door for him and his crew to start the instructor process, which could take years. 

Without hesitating, they took on the challenge to be one of us. Tim and the rest of his Northeast Public Safety Diver group are serious about their profession, mission success, and safety and are now part of our elite group of instructors teaching our Underwater Criminal Investigator courses. Tim is the first in his group to make it through. I’m proud to call Tim my good friend and now fellow UCI Instructor.” Mike Berry Owner Underwater Criminal Investigators, LLC.

We Dive Exactly What We Teach!!

By bringing UCI into our training portfolio, it allows our students to be the next level of public safety divers our industry needs!! The industry is constantly changing, and we prioritize not only keeping up with those changes but changing along with it! We refuse to fall into the trap of “this is how we always do it.”

UCI is the next most logical choice to provide our students! This next level provides the opportunity to be the best you can be while productively contributing to the investigators case. The UCI way is to “recover the item exactly how it was found” and we should not settle for anything less!!


Underwater Criminal Investigator

The Underwater Criminal Investigator course is UCI Diver’s foundation course designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed and survive as a true professional Underwater Criminal Investigator. It is a 4-day hands-on training program that involves one day of classroom and three days of intensive open-water training including searching for real evidence underwater. The only training company that does it!

After the completion of the course, the students are certified through UCI and through PADI, the largest training agency in the world. This is so the training you receive will contribute to both your professional and recreational diver portfolio.

Topic’s include: Overview of Public Safety Diving/Underwater Criminal Investigations, Performance Base Training, Liability Issues for the Public Safety Diver, Diver Readiness, Equipment Readiness, Information Readiness, Establishing a Crime Scene, Interview Techniques, Crime Scene Photography and Sketching, Advanced Underwater Communications, Medical Aspects, Search Patterns, Location and Marking Evidence, Evidence Recovery and Preservation, The Oxidation Process, Metal Preservation , Nonmetal Evidence Preservation, Fingerprints, Body movement in Water, Body Recovery in Water, Chemical and Polluted Water Diving, Light and Heavy Salvage, Vehicle Recovery, Case Preparation, Courtroom Testimony and more!

This course prepares you by building up your search skills, molding you into a true recovery diver. Our focus is on developing your underwater recovery skills which in turn increases your comfort level and your contribution to the search. This level of training can actually change an entire team’s attitude, confidence, and abilities to serve their communities.

As you can see, there’s a lot behind the making of a true “Underwater Criminal Investigator”. We believe the stronger your foundation, the better prepared you will be for what awaits you in this ever-changing and demanding underwater field. Our goal at NePSD is to make you a part of the investigation; a contributor to the case; and a part of the investigative team. Not just someone that’s called because you have scuba gear.   

To attend the training, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • You need to be an Advanced Open Water or equivalent diver with any nationally recognized diving agency or military or commercial diver.
  • You need to be 18 years old or older
  • And a member of law enforcement, fire, or rescue department or if you are in a position to assist your community, state, or government in underwater criminal investigations or with other public safety diving assignments.




UCI Diver’s Master Underwater Criminal Investigator Course is the only program of its kind in the world and is UCI’s advanced training program designed to focus on several special areas of Law Enforcement Diving that need to be truly understood and mastered. To attend, you must be a UCI graduate!

The Master UCI course puts together all the training and skills the Underwater Criminal Investigator has achieved during the foundational course and expands body, vehicle and evidence recovery techniques to an advanced level. 

After completing the course, the students are certified through UCI and through PADI, the largest training agency in the world in the 5 listed courses below which includes the coveted Master Underwater Criminal Investigators certification. You receive two certifications for every course taken! This is so the training you receive will contribute to both your professional and recreational diver portfolio. If that wasn’t enough, if you are certified as a Rescue Diver, you qualify for the PADI Master Diver rating as well. It does not get any better than that!

The Master’s Program consist of the following 5 courses:

Body Recovery Specialist

This course specifically focuses on advanced body recovery techniques to include surface body bagging, weighted body recovery techniques and conducting detailed grid systems searching for badly decomposed bodies.

Vehicle Recovery Specialist

This course specifically focuses on advanced vehicle recovery techniques to include lifting vehicles with lift bags. The students will become proficient in conducting UCI’s own designed lifting techniques.

Evidence Recovery Specialist

This course specifically focuses on advanced evidence collecting techniques that includes packaging and evidence handling, electrolysis, superglue fuming and fingerprint development. The students search skills and capabilities are enhanced as well as their comfort level to make them a more competent diver on the bottom.  

CSI Metal Detector Specialist

This course specifically teaches all aspects of land and underwater crime scene metal detector use. The students will become highly proficient in the use of metal detectors, their function, capabilities and search techniques.

Master Underwater Criminal Investigator

The Master Underwater Criminal Investigator course allows the Master students to demonstrate their understanding in all areas of underwater criminal investigations by having them process, document and recover actual criminal evidence. No other PSD course in the world does this!

UCI’s Master’s program is the FIRST and ONLY program of its kind in the world and no other Dive Training Agency or Public Safety Diving agency offers these certifications or these programs. If they do, they are following our lead! As you can see, UCI sets the standards and leads the way for others to follow.

The Master’s program is only open to UCI graduates and continues to build on the knowledge, skills and abilities they already obtained through the Underwater Criminal Investigator’s course.

The Master’s Program is an intensive training program that involves classroom and open water training. Students must supply their own scuba gear. All search and recovery equipment will be provided by NePSD.

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