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Northeast Public Safety Divers is the Premiere Public Safety Diver Training Center In the Northeast

We Are Public Safety Divers

Turning Training, Into Responding

We Train to the Standards We Dive

The NePSD Difference

Public Safety Divers are a unique breed of diver. Willing to enter cold dark water to save a life, recover a victim or retrieve evidence in a criminal case. These dives often involve dangerous conditions, entanglement hazards, heavy equipment, emotionally tough working conditions and potentially contaminated water. 

Public Safety Divers must be trained at a very advanced level, specific to their task, so everyone goes home.

Northeast Public Safety Divers (NePSD) is a full-service public safety diver training service, fully mobile to bring dive courses right to you. We are 100% committed to elevating the craft of public safety divers through proven training programs backed by the leading certifying agency for public safety divers, Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI).

Learn from those who do it for real.

Every NePSD Staff member is a veteran public safety diver on an active Emergency Response Dive Team.

We Don't Just Teach 'Skills'.
We Teach Experience-Proven Operational Techniques

If you’re looking for cheap training…that’s not us.

Now, if you’re looking for a training program that shows up at your department with a van packed to the brim with dive gear to support your training…and at least four Master Diver instructors with extensive PSD experience ready to give you far more than the required curriculum…


Then you’re in the right place.

NePSD Is Top-Rated for a reason

Explore What We Are Doing Better

NePSD offers the largest certification course offering in the Northeast and that offering is 100% mobile to your location, in your local water. 

We arrive fully equipped to teach, dive, and support the operation.

Our Staff Are All Certified

All the staff at NePSD are certified and experienced public safety divers (ERDI/SDI/TDI) with a variety of specialties.

We Bring the Course To You

NePSD will bring all required equipment right to your dive location, including primary and secondary life-safety gear

Safety is

NePSD WILL NOT allow students in the water without a prepared staff member in the safety diver role. We will terminate training before allowing unsafe diving.

Our curriculum is vetted

NePSD tightly adheres to the training standards established by Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI).

NePSD News

Public Safety Dive Training Has High Stakes

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

NePSD brings a substantial degree of experience and expertise to the table for dive students. Our goal is to always give students far more than they are required to know, in a way that they understand and remember. 

We Are Patient

Public safety diving affects different divers in different ways. Our staff will walk you through every step, as many times as it takes.

We Are Experienced

Teaching divers comes with a number of challenges, especially while submerged at depth in dark water. Been there, done that.

We Are Thorough

Divers finishing our courses will come away with far more than the required curriculum. Students will be continually challenged and guided.

The Line We Do Not Cross

The NePSD Safety Standards

NePSD is a fully-insured dive training operation, but we are hell-bent on safe operations. Before students enter the water NePSD will have the following at the water’s edge and prepared: 

  • Secondary 80 cu ft. tank with multiple means of getting air to divers
  • Experienced staff in the 80% ready safety diver role
  • All required life support equipment on site, tested and ready.
  • All required equipment necessary for safe diving operations, with multiple backups in many cases. 

You Deserve The Best Public Safety Dive Training

There is No Guess – NePSD IS The Best