The Human Diver

All of us at NePSD are excited to tell you about the Human Diver starting with ” Under Pressure” By Gareth Lock. This book will change the way you think and approach your diving. This book is really for any and all divers, Yes even including Public Safety Diving. Team Leaders that want to bring another level of safety to your operations need to start by reading this amazing book. check out the link for more info !

All NePSD staff have taken this great course by The Human Diver. The “Level 0: Essentials of Human Factors in Diving” online course that will give you an incredible opportunity to take a deep dive into safety and decision-making. As an affiliate, this is something I’m really passionate to share with you, whether you’re an experienced diver looking to enhance your skills or someone just starting their dive training!

Developed by Gareth Lock, founder of The Human Diver, this course provides a comprehensive look into the non-technical skills essential for safer diving.

This course covers:

  • Unique Focus: Most courses focus on equipment and techniques, but this course is dedicated to the human factors in diving – the human element!
  • Enhanced Safety: Giving you a better understanding of decision-making, communication, and situational awareness to make every dive safer and more enjoyable for everyone!
  • Comprehensive Training: With an integrated approach to diving that goes beyond just equipment and techniques, you’ll soon understand the intricacies of decision-making, communication, and situational awareness beneath the waves.

The course aims to make it easier for divers to do the right thing whilst making it harder to make mistakes while managing uncertainty and risk.

Why should you invest in non-technical skills training for diving? 

The answer is simple – it can save lives! 

Dive accidents often involve human error, and by developing our non-technical skills, such as communication, decision-making, and situational awareness, we can significantly reduce the risk of mishaps underwater.

Gareth Lock, course instructor and founder, has extensive experience in diving, having served in the Royal Air Force. He has dedicated his career to understanding human factors in diving. His mission is to enhance diving skills through specific training that goes beyond the traditional technical aspects and focuses on the crucial human element.

Read more about Gareth here: 

To learn more about the “Level 0: Essentials of Human Factors in Diving” course click on the link:

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