Surface Supplied Air Operations

This course will train successful candidates in the basic skills necessary to participate in limited open water
public safety diving utilizing surface supplied air with a full face mask or Hardhat. This course is designed for Public
Safety Divers and is not to be considered an adequate curriculum for commercial dive operations of any kind.

Student Prerequisites

1. ERDI 1 Diver or equivalent,
2. Proof of 50 logged dives of on the job experience as a public safety diver;
3. CPR1st or equivalent;
4. CPROx or equivalent.
5. Minimum age 18

Course Overview

  1. The course requires a minimum of a four (4) man dive team. Additional candidates can be
    added to any course up to a maximum of twelve (12) with additional confined and open water
    dive days to be added as necessary.
  2. Based on the four (4) man dive team the course requires one full eight (8) hour day of
    academics. This will include, dive physics and physiology review as well as those that pertain to
    surface supplied diving fallowed by a final exam. Additional time will be added to accommodate
    team and candidate requirements.
  3. To familiarize the team and individual divers with the equipment before heading into open water
    at least one day of confined (pool) water training is required for setup, safety procedures, use,
    and emergency drills. Additional time or days will be added with the addition of candidates over
    the four (4) man minimum.
  4. After successful completion of the final exam and confined water drills the team will move into
    the open water phase of the courses. Each dive team member will be require to operate at each
    position within the dive team with a minimum of at least two hours in water time.
    Based on a four (4) man dive team, the course will run over a minimum of at least four (4) days
    if the dive team and candidates are fully prepared and meet all of the prerequisites prior to
    course dates.

Course Structure and Duration

Course Structure:
1. ERDI allows instructors to structure courses according to the number of students participating and their skill level Duration

1. Classroom and briefing: Approximately eight (8) hours.
2. Confined water: Approximately six (6) hours
3. Open water dives (required) as a dive team member:
a. Student must complete four (4) open water dives.
b. The maximum depth must not exceed eighteen (18) meters/sixty (60) feet on any dive
c. All dives must be completed during daylight hours.
d. Upon successful completion of the dives, the student must complete his/her logbook and the ERDI Instructor must sign off on the completed dives.

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