This course is designed to introduce the public safety professional to the ERDI Tender skills
necessary to participate in public safety diving operations in a non-diving roll. Successful completion results in the ERDI Tender certification.

The ERDI Tender course can be taught in conjunction with the ERD I course. While the ERDI Tender Course is a non-diving course; the tender student should have a working knowledge of diving physics, physiology, techniques and equipment.

The course starts with the student completing E-Learning online, followed by a day in the classroom. From the classroom students will move to a controlled environment such as a pool to practice controlling a diver during search patterns. From the pool students move to the field to perform all duties a tender would encounter on a dive operation.

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The student will be taught:

  • Dive gear overview and the process of dressing a diver
  • The roles of primary and back up tenders
  • Learn about the rolls and structure of a dive team and its operations
  • Performing scene assessment and crime scene recognition 
  • Mapping a scene
  • Filling out the required documentation and dive logs
  • The use of pull signals and the Comm Boxes
  • Performing decontamination procedures on a diver and keeping themselves from contamination
  • How to log and handle evidence correctly
  • Monitoring diver air consumption 
  • Maintaining search patterns
  • Maintaining situational awareness while focusing on the safety and well-being of their diver

When the student completes this course, they will have the skills necessary to perform all the rolls of a tender on a dive operation, as well as have the ability to complete all required paper work. Most importantly, the student will have the knowledge to help maintain a safe dive operation.


  • Minimum age is 18
  • CPR 1st or equivalent
  • CPROx or equivalent

Qualifications of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are qualified to:

  1. Tend public safety divers in open water
  2. Participate in the planning and execution of public safety diving operations

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