NePSD Projects

Besides training we also enjoy volunteering our services to many different agencies including the public. We perform inspections and prop clearing for the US Coast Guard, preservation work on USCGC Lilac in NYC and the USS LING in Hackensack, NJ. We also work with the Bergen county historical society, and a couple private ship preservation groups . We really enjoy helping when we can and it also keeps our staffs skills dialed in, If you have questions about anything you see please dont hesitate to ask.

NePSD Partnered With TRP

We are very excited to announce our partnership with TRP to provide our veterans the training they need to pursue a career in public safety diving. We designed a seven-day program that will provide the student with the training required to be a certified public safety diver. This program will build the divers skill …

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Tim Andro Named ERDI 2023 Ambassador

Our founder Tim Andro was selected as ERDI’s 2023 Ambassador and says, ” All of us at NePSD really appreciate the opportunity to be ambassadors for 2023 and look forward to helping our PSD family”. All of us at NePSD are dedicated to providing our students with the best opportunities of training and ERDI …

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NePSD Staff Finishes UCI Commander

Our Staff has been working hard over the last three years to complete Mike Berry’s Underwater Crime Scene Investigator’s Program. In November we completed the last level, which is UCI commander, this class tied together all the training to be able to run a safe and professional dive operation. We are very proud of …

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Let’s Find A Cannon

We got contacted by the Bergen County Historical Society to help search for their missing cannon. This place is packed full of history and we feel lucky to be able to help. This will be an on going project as the conditions are very challenging, we will only be able to dive the site …

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NePSD Staff heads to Georgia for the UCI College

Tim and John spent the last week working along side legendary Mike Berry We had the pleasure of working with 19 amazing students over the course of the week. It was also a really humbling experiences to work along side Mike and his incredible staff. We have big thing coming down the line, Stay …

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