Northeast Public Safety Divers’ Video Library

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Back Up Diver Deployment Training

Students are taught the very important skills of deploying in an emergency to assist their teammate out of trouble. This is a very important part of our training sequences that all divers go through

Shark Cage Training Evolution

Students are told to mitigate the hazard, The shark cage was named by our students and after the video you may understand why!

2022 Ice Season With Shuttle

Training evaluation clips of our 2022 ice season and also how our ice shuttle deploys and removes divers from the ice hole.

Hull Inspection On USCG Vessel

From time to time the staff will be asked by our Coast Guard for some help clearing props and doing hull inspection. This video will show a bit of what we do, some stuff just cant be shared for security reasons.

Part 1 of 2: Recovery Training in Pool

In this video, students learn the basics of body recovery in confined water. The skills are repeated multiple times and then students get black-out masks to simulate the real world.

Part 2 of 2: Recovery Training In The Field

In this video, students take what was learned during the confined water body recovery and apply those skills in the field to recover and document recovery.

Surfacing Under the Ice as an Ice Diver

Have you ever wondered what a frozen lake looks like from under the ice? This video is of a diver returning to the ice hole.

NePSD Staff Playing Under The Ice

Clips of our staff having a little fun playing under the ice.

Delta P Release

Team was asked to assist in clearing a grate that was clogged. After careful inspection it was deemed unsafe and a machine was used. This was the result of over 2million gallons of pressure.

The Underwater Creek Bed

The underwater creek bed can be confusing and sometime disorientating to a PSD, Check out the video to learn more!

A lot More Fun Under The Ice 2022

Multiple clips of our students getting comfortable and having some fun under the ice.

Work Station Entanglement Training

Our Work Station Entanglement may look easy but can be a challenge. Students are asked to remove a fitting and replace it with a different fitting, Watch what happens at least 3 out of 10 times!!

Jack-Stay In A Box Team Building Exercise

This is a fun team building exercise! Students are giving a box filled with needed and unneeded supplies then asked to assemble the jack stay. It really helps to show how communication is key to a successful mission.

Training And Fun With The K-9’s

We have the pleasure of training and also using K-9’s in the field. This video is clips of some of the exercises we do. This time we dove a rebreather to see if the dogs could find us without bubbles coming to the surface. Check out the video to see the results !!

Jack-Stay Lost Line Procedure

What happens when you lose your guideline? It takes a diver to be disciplined and patient to lean on their training and find the line! Could you do this?

Ride To Lady Liberty

We had the pleasure of providing dive support for a multi agency FBI drill which consisted of over 350 K9 dogs and 40 boats. We got stationed by the statue of liberty and here is a quick clip of her!!

Back-Up Diver Deployment Procedure

Ever have to call for you Back-Up diver?? Do you practice the procedure to be sure your team is ready to “Respond to the problem, Not just React” ?? This video will show you one of the evaluation we have in our program.

2019 NePSD Thin Ice Evolution

Clips of us running our thin ice shuttle during a 2019 class. This is as real as we can get in training and love when mother natures provides us this opportunity

Plane & Boat Dive At Undisclosed Location!

Tour of the plane & boat we have at an undisclosed location in our area! The plane was located in the 1980’s by local Sheriff and was forgotten for about 10 years. We found them again around 2015!

Ice Diver Rescue Procedure!

Does the ice make you nervous, do you ever wonder what happens if I lose my tether home?? Well there is a procedure for that we have every student perform so if it happens they are READY!!

Swamp Thing Was Found!!

Ever wonder if swamp thing really exists, well this video should confirm it finally!!

Ice Diving Takes A Lot Of Work

A quick look at the work involved with getting an ice operation running!

Cutting Of Ice Hole

This is how we gain access to the ice, 24″ chainsaw and all personal tethered!

Diver Entanglement Training While Blacked Out

Divers go through multiple obstacles to better train for entanglements. As the students abilities progress so do the challenges!!

Safety Diver Surveying The Ice Conditions

Our staff safety divers always check the conditions prior to students going to work! This ensures no unsuspected hazards await.

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