Tender Awareness Certification

Unfortunately, it appears that in-person dive training will be suspended until further notice. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still train! On April 19th, 2020, NePSD will be leveraging the power of the internet and offering an ERDI Tender Awareness certification course, online. We will be having a virtual classroom session where all lectures and Q&As will happen. Students will receive the same professional level of training divers have come to expect from NePSD, and this course will count towards an ERDI Tender Technician certification. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of downtime at home! For details, and to …

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Upcoming ERDI 1 & 2 Classes

It’s time to start thinking about Springtime classes! We will be offering a Full PSD course that includes the following: Tender Technician Full Face Mask Drysuit ERDI 1 Students will have the option to continue on to ERDI 2 during the course period. Dates: May 2 -3 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM May 16 – 17 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Students must attend all classes to attain certification.

Upcoming Spring 2020 Courses

As always, we are planning our upcoming course schedule in advance. We have the following courses on the calendar for Spring 2020: Tender Technician (standalone) ERDI Dive Supervisor Full ERDI Public Safety Diver course which includes all of the following in a single course package: Tender Technician Full Face Mask Dry Suit ERDI 1 Have a few divers that need certifications? We offer team discounts for multiple enrollments! Need us to come to you? We travel! We will also schedule in any course from our course list if there is interest in the class. Don’t wait!

Image of ERDI Ice Divers after having completed their Ice Diving Certification Course

Congratulations 2020 ERDI Ice Divers

We would like to be the first to congratulate our 9 new ERDI Ice divers. The class went great and all the students did amazing. Turning Training Into Responding Mahwah Res1cueParsippany Rescue and Recovery UnitWayne Hose Company #1 Stony Point Fire DeptJ’s Doc Dive Shop LLCERDI – Public Safety Diving #turningtrainingintoresponding #erdidivers #icediving #undertheice #publicsafetydiver #publicsafetyinstructor #blackmaskdivers

NePSD Founder to Speak at Boston Sea Rovers

NePSD Owner and Founder Tim Andro will again be a speaker at the Boston Sea Rovers Public Safety Workshop and Conference held in Danvers, Massachusetts on March 7th & 8th. This annual 2-day conference is one of the largest diver events on the East Coast and draws divers from across the Nation.

NePSD Hosts PSD Survival Class for 2nd Time

This weekend, NePSD, in conjunction with the North Jersey Regional Scuba Task Force will host PSD legends Mark Phillips and Buck Buchanan for the 2nd time while they put on their PSD Survival class. This course focuses exclusively on how public safety divers can respond to the subsurface emergencies that are life-threatening. Special attention is paid to clearing entanglements, breath control and air consumption, low air or out of air emergencies, and how to solve problems one breath at a time. In our opinion, this course is a must-have for any public safety diver.

NePSD Staff on Hand for Multi-Agency FBI K9 Exercise

Who doesn’t want to participate in a massive drill hosted by the FBI… On Oct. 2nd, 2019 the FBI hosted their bi-annual Tri-State K9 Maritime Exercise at Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ) and the FDNY Training Center at Randall’s Island.  The purpose of this exercise was to acclimate approximately 350 K9 teams with maritime operations, including the transfer of dogs and handlers from boat to boat in open water. To add an additional layer of safety in the unpredictable waters of NY Harbor, the FBI requested the North Jersey Regional Task Force (which is comprised of a number of …

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