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Realistically, you will only dive as well as you are trained…

NePSD was partially born out of a near-miss diving accident that shook up a lot of experienced divers and caused a team to be shut down. 

The biggest failure of that team was a lack of quality public safety specific dive training.

From that experience, NePSD Staff members decided to take every single step possible to ensure that diver’s are well-trained and capable of taking on their job. 

We will be the first ones in the water, and the last ones to leave; the first ones at the dive site in the morning and the last to depart. If diver’s need help with any skill, there is no shortage of staff ready to walk them through their difficulty.

All of our staff are active members of public safety dive teams and regularly answer call-outs for emergencies, or body/evidence recovery.

We bring that experience directly to our courses so we can tell students:

  • Exactly what it’s like to recover a body in black water.

    And not a decade ago either… Usually, the answer starts with “last week we were called…” or “two weeks ago we…”
  • How stressful a rescue operation can be.

    Our staff divers are also all cross-trained as firefighters and heavy rescue technicians. Stressful situations are our bread-and-butter.
  • How to manage a situation when conditions are going to shit.

    Current changes, unexpected tidal surges, debris, boat traffic… We’ve lived through all of those on live emergency scenes.
  • When NOT to dive and how to stand up for your divers when demands are made.

    This is a critical skill not taught anywhere else… And that is a crime.

A spot in one of our courses means a whole lot more than just the book material and a few dives.

Every student we train joins the NePSD family and we will be damned if anything happens to the family.

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