Full Face Mask

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Full Face Mask


The ERDI Full Face Mask Ops Component is designed to provide a diver with skills necessary to use a full face mask as part of an encapsulated system to prevent being contaminated by the environment or incapacitated by diving conditions such as cold water.

Student will do E-learning online and a few hours in the classroom. From the classroom divers move to the pool to become proficient  in full face mask skills such as donning, doffing and emergency procedures.

After the pool divers will complete dives in open water and the environments we dive in.

At NePSD, we teach skills for managing emergencies, how to communicate with integrated communications systems, how to properly don and doff mask, and considerations for diving with a full face mask.

The student will also be taught a unique set of skills to become more comfortable and proficient in their mask, such as cold water bail out, emergency bail out, how to deal with a flooded mask and how to manage a free flowing mask.  


  • Minimum age 18
  • Certified as ERD I or equivalent
  • CPR 1st or equivalent
  • CPROx or equivalent

Qualifications of Graduates

Upon successful completion of the ERD Full Face Mask Ops Component, students will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute full face mask diving operations

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