Wreck Diver


Wreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of sport diving, however every effort must be made to maximize safe diving techniques. This course will discuss the equipment and techniques commonly employed while wreck diving. This course may be taught as a non-penetration, 2 dives required, or as a limited-penetration course, requiring 3 dives. Limited-penetration is defined as a swim through or within the ambient light of entry point.


  1. SDI Open Water Scuba Diver, or equivalent
  2. Minimum age 18 , 15 for limited penetration course with parental consent
  3. Minimum age 10 with parental consent for a non-penetration course
  4. Junior Open Water Divers may not participate in any penetration activities or dives deeper than 18 metres /60 feet
  5. Divers must have a deep diver specialty certification or be able to provide proof of experience in order to dive deeper than 18 metres / 60 feet in this course

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete the following. Dives 1 and 2 are for the nonpenetration certification. In addition to dives 1 and 2, dive 3 is required for limited
penetration certification; dive 4 is strictly optional for more experience.

1. Open Water Dive l

  • Pre-dive review of dive computers
  • Plan dive
  • Test lights
  • Familiarization with areas
  • Basic charting outside wreck
  • Usage of lines outside wreck, optional
  • Surface and log dive

2. Open Water Dive 2

  • Plan dive
  • Figure surface interval
  • Descend
  • Team complete mapping
  • Usage of lines outside wreck, optional
  • Surface and log dive

3. Open Water Dive 3

  • Plan dive
  • Descend
  • Usage of lines inside wreck, optional
  • Surface and log dive

4. Open Water Dive 4 (Optional)

  • Plan dive
  • Planned dive explained
  • Dive/explore as determined
  • Surface and log dive

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