Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 6 PM – 9:30 PM

If there is one category of diving that will separate the PSD from a recreational diver, it’s contaminated water. And if you are diving operations such as a body recovery, vehicle recovery, or even stagnant water, then you’re in contaminated water.

We dive contaminated water, we should be trained for contaminated water.

Good news! NePSD has been given permission to offer the ERDI Contaminated Water Operations certification course online! As a refresher, course certification levels are Awareness -> Operations -> Technician.

Now is the time to get the e-learning and classroom portions of this critical course out of the way while in-person dive training is suspended. Then, when we can resume training, teams are only a few short dives away from their technician certification (at a reduced rate from NePSD).

Water contaminants can severely hurt a diver immediately…or years later. Even worse, we can bring the contaminants home to our families. This training is critical.

If you are an active PSD and DO NOT have a contaminated water certification… Join us.
Don’t wait either, NePSD is the only ERDI training facility offering this course right now and we expect spots to fill up extremely quickly.

#turningtrainingintorespondingERDI – Public Safety Diving

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