James Warnet

James Warnet is a Master SCUBA diver, dive supervisor for Mahwah Fire & Rescue Co #1, and staff diver for Northeast Public Safety Divers. James is also a twice-certified former law enforcement officer and graduate of both the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the FBI Advanced Police course.

Linda Farkas

Linda started diving in 2014 and came over to the PSD side in 2017. She brings the extraordinarily unique perspective of being a female diver in this very male-dominated profession, which means she sometimes approaches situations with a different mindset than her male counterparts.

Image of northeast public safety divers certifying ice divers

NePSD Certifies Public Safety Ice Divers

This past weekend public safety divers from five different teams and three separate states took to the ice to earn their ERDI Ice Diver technician certification. Day one was spent in the classroom learning how to safely operate and dive the demanding conditions, while days two and three were spent out on the ice. Access, …

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Divers and Evidence Part 5: Standing at the Crossroads

When a decision has to be made, make it. There is no totally right time for anything. George S. Patton Jr. I admire your determination. Today’s world is packed full of things that demand your attention… some of which you choose to listen to, and others you have to listen to. Since you’re here, I …

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