As the lockdowns continue, so do our online training courses.

This course is the full-scale ERDI Tender Operations certification course conducted entirely online. Students will be taught live-lecture format by one (or more) of our highly qualified and experienced instructors, and the course will carry the full ERDI certification card for Tender Operations.

That means a graduate of this course can be an immediate value to their team the moment they complete this course.
If you have the desire to join the ranks of Public Safety Divers, then you have to start somewhere. That somewhere is by being a Tender.

Before someone takes your spot, hit ‘going’ NOW, and fire off an email to

**NePSD will credit the value of this course towards an eventual upgrade to Tender Technician.**
Questions? Email us!

“Thanks NePSD! If anyone has the opportunity, I urge you to please take a class through these guys! Great group, very passionate about sharing knowledge, experiences and willingness to answer your questions thoroughly.” – Recent Graduate

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