***Course FULL***

If you, or your divers, need this course, let us know and we’ll do another one!

This course is our full PSD package which includes Full Face Mask, Dry Suit, Tender Technician, ERD I & ERD 2 dive technician.

This is a lecture and hands-on intensive course and fully immerses students in the public safety diving world. Throughout the course, sound operation methods will be reinforced, meaning students will both learn how to dive as well as be a critical piece in the operational puzzle.

Students will complete ERDI e-learning prior to the course start, followed by several lectures and demonstrations.
After students are comfortable with the material, they will begin practicing critical skills in a closed pool environment while instructors critique and assist with skill development.

The final day is the completion of skills in open water.

At the completion of the program, successful students will be certified to begin operating as new public safety divers.

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