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Tender Operations Online

Back by VERY popular demand…

This course is the full-scale ERDI Tender Operations certification course conducted entirely online. Students will be taught live-lecture format by one (or more) of our highly qualified and experienced instructors, and the course will carry the full ERDI certification card for Tender Operations.

What is a dive operation without safety? How ‘good’ can an underwater search really be without consistency? How well can a public safety diver actually perform their task if they start their dive already tired from getting ready by themselves?
Answer: Crapshoot across the board.

Since public safety dive teams shouldn’t be in the business of “winging-it”, how can we build a foundation to fix all those problems in one shot and deliver professional, safe, and consistent service?

With skilled and well-trained dive tenders.

If you’ve never heard of us, we are Northeast Public Safety Divers and we are one of the leading ERDI Training Facilities in the Northeast. Our mission is simple: Elevate the craft of public safety diving from “well this is the way we’ve always done it” to “we operate according to the national standards in use by professional dive teams nationwide”.

In 2020, we issued 215+ ERDI certifications of various levels and if you visit those teams, you will see:

  • Tenders that carefully dress and assist their divers according to checklists and procedures so the diver enters the water fresh and ready, with all their gear in place and serviceable;
  • Tight, consistent search patterns that are maintained by the skill of the tender and guarantees that every viable inch of the search area was covered;
  • Knowledgeable tenders that can immediately spot issues with their diver’s breathing rate or stress level, potential snags in the tender line, or any other issue that can affect the diver’s safety.
    And now we’re offering you the opportunity to get some of that top-shelf training for yourself. Without having to leave your couch.
    Earlier this year, we approached ERDI and asked about offering a Tender Operations level certification course online. After some discussion, our training materials were approved and we began offering this course to public safety dive teams.

Course Overview
This course comes in two parts:
Part one is the ERDI E-Learning section to be completed by the student prior to Part two.
Part two is a live lecture format (online, ~3 hours) with our experienced instructors, where we reinforce the material already learned and bring it to life with our real-world operational experience. There will be discussions, question-and-answer sessions, demonstrations, and the opportunity to pick our brains on any aspect of the course material.

Since each one of our instructors are veteran public safety divers on active dive teams, many of those answers will come complete with how an actual operation happened in the real world, and what techniques were used to carry out that mission or mitigate that problem.
After successful completion of both parts, students will receive an ERDI Tender Operations certification card (internationally recognized) that shows their ability to assist as a tender on a live dive operation.

This course is the second level of proficiency as a dive tender (Awareness -> Operations -> Technician) and is the first level that permits the graduate to work on the dive scene in an operational role. This certification can be upgraded to Tender Technician by any ERDI instructor after the student completes the in-field portion of the course.

Now, if you get your Tender Awareness certification through us with this course, we factor that into the cost of a Tender Technician course in the future if you want us to do your upgrade.

Course Learning Objectives
During this course the student will learn:

  1. The role of the dive tender on an operation
  2. How a dive operation is set up, and how it can develop over time
  3. General familiarity with diver equipment and how to dress and assist a diver
  4. Line pull signals, and how to guide a diver through search patterns
  5. How to maintain consistency in an underwater search so no targets are missed
  6. How to maintain vigilance over a diver’s safety and well-being
  7. Procedures for emergencies…
    And much more!

The time to make some major improvements to your dive operation is now before the warmer weather hits and the general public gets back in the water.
To Sign Up: Send us an email with your information to NortheastPSD@Gmail.com
If you need to sign-up with a department purchase order, or you are a training officer looking to have a couple students enter this course, please contact us at NortheastPSD@gmail.com with the details.
Registration closes January 17th! Don’t wait!

Course Date & Time: Sunday, January 24th, 2021 @6:30 PM

Registration and Course Instructions
Your seat is secure after you are registered and paid for.


After that, you will receive your ERDI E-Learning codes that are specific to YOU, and you will be able to complete that portion of the course at your convenience.
Prior to the live lecture start, we will provide the link to the online lecture portal. Again, that link is coded TO YOU and cannot be shared.

After payment, the student is required to complete the E-Learning portion of this course BEFORE the lecture portion. Failure to complete the E-Learning will result in us not issuing your certification card. Because this portion of the course is at your discretion to complete, there will be no refunds issued for this.
If a student is registered and cannot attend, we will address the situation on a case by case basis. In a large majority of cases, a refund will be issued.
The cost of this course includes ERDI E-Learning codes, live lecture from NEPSD instructors, and the certification card from ERDI.

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