This weekend, we are well under way in making some brand new ERDI Ice Divers! This class is made up of Police Officers from the East Hampton PD (NY) and Firefighters from the Trenton FD (NJ).

Despite it being a brisk 22° out with a steady breeze, the students are just killing it and we couldn’t be more proud.

Thanks to the persistent cold we’ve had over the last month, the ice is sitting at roughly 6-8″ in thickness, which means our students can focus on operating directly ON the body of water (which means a whole different ball of wax from shore diving).

We have also been focusing on our “lost diver” procedures, entry and extract, and emergency response. Particular attention has also been placed on ice hole location, sounding depth, determining maximum tether length, and working procedures subsurface (like evidence or body recovery).

Don’t forget, we still have another Ice Diver course scheduled for later this month! And we can always schedule more!

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