Northeast Public Safety Divers Invited for Hull Inspections with MA State Police Dive Team

Professional relationships are everything, especially in the public safety realm. Today, NePSD Staff members were invited to accompany the MA State Police Dive team while they conducted hull inspections on Coast Guard cutters sitting in Boston Harbor. 

This opportunity was born out of the Boston Sea Rovers dive conference, where NePSD owner, Tim Andro is an annual speaker.

So naturally, when a few MA State troopers asked us if we wanted to check out the harbor and their operation, we tripped over ourselves to say yes. 

The day was spent on Boston harbor, coordinating with Coast Guard cutters moored at the piers in the harbor. 

To be sure, it was an amazing opportunity to take a peek into an active State Police dive team, and pick their brains about their operational tempo, methods, process and equipment.

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