Over the weekend, a few NEPSD Staff divers (who are also active divers in the North Jersey Regional SCUBA Task Force) completed Mike Berry’s renowned Underwater Criminal Investigator course through his certification agency UCI Divers.

The four day course is widely considered the gold-standard for underwater criminal investigation training, and represents Mike’s exceptionally impressive 40 years of experience recovering evidence and victims from every type of water imaginable.

As the 30-year commander of the Virginia State Police’s dive team, and a still active VA State Trooper, Mike is a walking encyclopedia on techniques and procedures for finding even the smallest pieces of evidence, and how to package, document, and maintain that evidence so that law enforcement can effectively use it for a conviction.

From us at NEPSD, we can’t thank Mike enough for his time and dedication. We took a lot more away from his course than just the information. After all, it’s hard to beat learning from someone who has been teaching divers for 30 years.

Image of the instructor for Underwater Criminal Investigators proudly showing off a flotation device.
The man himself. Not only is he a class act but he also really liked our PFDs.

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