Premiere Public Safety Diver Training & Certification

Northeast Public Safety Divers

Turning Training, Into Responding

We Train to the Same Standards We Dive

All of our staff divers are current public safety divers and dive supervisors on active emergency dive teams.

We bring 100% of that experience to our students.

Northeast Public Safety Divers (NePSD) is a full-service public safety diver training service, that is fully mobile to bring dive courses right to you.

We are 100% committed to elevating the craft of public safety divers through proven training programs backed by the leading certifying agency for public safety divers, Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI).

We Refuse To “Just Teach Skills”

All of our courses come packed to the brim with experience-driven operational techniques. Students learn exceptional dive skills, and where those skills fit into an emergency operation.

We teach the whole package. With passion.

It was one of the most rigorous but rewarding classes I have ever taken

Learn More. Be Better.

Where Are We Training Next? What Are We Up To?

NePSD Staff heads to Georgia for the UCI College

Tim and John spent the last week working along side legendary Mike Berry We had the pleasure of working with 19 amazing students over the course of the week. It was also a really humbling experiences to work along side Mike and his incredible staff. We have big thing coming down the line, Stay …

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ERDI Contaminated Water TECHNICIAN, Sept 23 – 24, 2022

The ERDI contaminated water technician program is designed to provide divers and topside personal with the tools to operate in and around contaminated water. The course is composed of elearning, classroom , and field work. All aspects of contaminated water will be covered including proper equipment and documentation. Students will then move out to the …

ERDI Contaminated Water TECHNICIAN, Sept 23 – 24, 2022 Read More »

ERDI Contaminated Water OPERATIONS Online, Sept 23rd, 2022

If there is one category of diving that will separate the PSD from a recreational diver, it’s contaminated water. And if you are diving operations such as a body recovery, vehicle recovery, or even stagnant water, then you’re in contaminated water. We dive contaminated water, we should be trained for contaminated water. Good news! NePSD …

ERDI Contaminated Water OPERATIONS Online, Sept 23rd, 2022 Read More »

What Are We Doing Differently


All of the NePSD Staff divers are, at a minimum, Master SCUBA divers and ERDI Dive Supervisors, along with being active firefighters and heavy rescue technicians. Some of our divers are also deep tech divers, with thousands of wreck dives.

The combination of all that experience means students are “drinking from the firehose” during our courses.


Safety is non-negotiable at our courses. There will be staff divers, equipped, and in the water before a single student gets wet. Our staff is attentive and fully focused on a safe training environment.

To ensure the safest environment possible, we arrive fully equipped to conduct a safe diving operation. Secondary and tertiary rescue options are the norm.


Our Staff divers are not here for fame or fortune. We teach because we love to dive, and sometimes have to be told to shut-up to stop the flow of information.

We are also dedicated firefighters, EMTs, and heavy rescue technicians that put our skills to use every day helping others. Sharing those skills is something we deeply believe in.

Passion and Skill Are The Hallmarks of NePSD Training

“You and your instructors provide an excellent and consistent experience.”

It’s Time to Elevate Our Craft.

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