How to Rescue a Lost Ice Diver

Do you remember the first time you donned SCUBA gear and took your first breath underwater? Do you remember that indescribable feeling of amazement and wonder? Well, diving under the ice is just like that. With good visibility and light, you can look up and watch the bubbles play across the ice above you. The cracks and creaks of the ice shelf give the water a music-like quality. It is just, indescribable.  But ice diving comes with a unique safety issue that shares much more in common with cave diving than it does no-overhead diving: you can’t just surface if …

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Dive Team Budgeting

The Thing Divers Fear More Than Never Diving Again – Paying For It All Whether its recreational diving or public safety diving, diving, in general, is expensive. Do you start with the top of the line stuff that may be too expensive and technical for your team to use? Do you go with the cheap set just to get your team started? What’s worth the coin and what is worth cutting a few bucks on? Train with the expensive instructor or just get the card and figure out the rest with the cheaper class? No wonder team administrators suddenly wish …

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We Just Love Training

This may be one of my favorite pics. Who says “no diving” !! It was a great day in the pool the students all did amazing and a gigantic thank you to the guys who came out and helped!!! I don’t do this often but felt very proud when I saw this picture. If you look closely you can see the instructor in the front getting ready to do face mask drills, students in the middle doing gear checks before drill starts, and our amazing staff right behind them ready to assist. We are big believers in the smallest student …

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