ERDI Ice Diver Course Feb 26-28

Author: James Warnet  Published: November 10, 2020

**We are getting so many requests for Ice Diver courses that we added a second one!**

It’s time divers!

Have you ever wanted to dive under the ice? Want the certification that goes with it?

The reality is, unsuspecting victims fall through ice multiple times a year in every jurisdiction that gets cold enough…

As public safety divers, our job is to be prepared, trained, and willing to venture under that ice to either save a life or bring the victim home.

Trust us, diving under ice IS NOT “just another overhead environment.”

We find the ice, and bring all the gear to set up the operation. You bring your dive gear and a willing attitude.

*This course is only open to advanced divers… Ice diving is not for the new or inexperienced…

Check out the FB Event here.


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