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ERDI Underwater Criminal Investigation Course Jan 8-9, 2022

***This course is over but you can read about the end result and our newest Underwater Criminal Investigators right here.***

**Or you can request we bring our ERDI Underwater Criminal Investigation instruction course to your team, right here**

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.”

Amelia Earhart

Welcome to the first steps towards shedding Mediocrity and stepping up your underwater evidence collection game – We’re glad you’re here

There is a lot of information contained on this page… so make sure you get to the bottom.

What is this?

The purpose of the ERDI Underwater Crime Scene Investigations program is to provide necessary skills and knowledge in performing underwater crime scene investigations, preservation and proper documentation for court ready testimony.

We teach you the real skills behind properly collecting evidence underwater…

The trained and qualified underwater crime scene investigator sits at the peak of the public safety diving industry.

These divers are fully capable of carrying a criminal investigation into a body of water, in a way where their findings are acceptable and admissible in criminal court and can be used to prosecute wrong-doers.

The Course Details

Course Title: ERDI Underwater Crime Scene Investigation

Course Date: January 8-9, 2022 8AM to 5PM both days

Location: Parsippany, NJ

Overview of the Program

UWCSI courses are for law enforcement and emergency response personnel (firefighters) who may be first on the scene of a underwater crime scene investigation.

Responders are expected to understand the constitution, responding, preparing the crime scene, death investigations, medical aspects, fingerprints, characteristics of bodies in water, recovery procedures, and court ready documentation.

Students will not need any dive gear, as this is primarily a lecture and indoor hands-on course.

This course is open to sworn law enforcement, firefighters, and/or other members of a recognized public safety dive team. That includes non-diving personnel such as shore personnel, tenders, and support personnel.

Topics We Will Cover

  1. The Constitution
    a. Bill of Rights
    b. Fourth, fifth, sixth and 14th amendments
    c. Reasonable expectations of privacy
    d. Plainview doctrine
    e. Case studies
  2. Terms and Definitions Used in Industry
  3. Establish Crime Scene
  4. Witness Interviewing
  5. Types of Evidence
  6. Methods Photographing and Sketching the Scene
  7. Decomposition Processes
  8. Death Investigation
  9. Physiology of Drowning
  10. Body Recovery, Reporting and Handling Procedures
  11. Securing Evidence- Metal and Nonmetal Evidence Preservation
  12. Packaging and Submitting Evidence
  13. Scuba-Accident or Fatality Investigation
  14. Fingerprint Analysis-Underwater Fingerprinting
  15. Case Studies-911 Calls
  16. Videos
  17. Red Flags With Investigations
  18. Develop Court Ready Documentation

***Students who complete the entire program will receive their Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) Underwater Crime Scene Investigation certification.***

“Until Tim retires you can trust that every single one of the divers on my team will receive instruction from and certify with him and his staff before they are a fully rated Public Safety Diver. “


Tim Andro and his instructors are this generation’s new standard bearers for the practice, and instruction of Public Safety Diving. Tim along with his staff including James (F. and W.), Eric, Nick, and John have been providing me personally and the Dive Team that I lead in Pennsylvania with ERDI instruction for the last year. In that time we have pushed 8 divers through his program and have received invaluable instruction that has built experience, capability, and fostered a passion and dedication for public safety diving on our team.

Above everything else I want to protect the members of my team and ensure their safety – the best way to do that is to ensure that they have the tools and knowledge to operate professionally, and ensure their personal safety and the safety of their fellow team members. Tim’s training builds SAFE, effective teams.

Until Tim retires you can trust that every single one of the divers on my team will receive instruction from and certify with him and his staff before they are a fully rated Public Safety Diver.

Nicholas Jennings, Spring Mills Fire Co. #1

Even though we both know this opportunity is a no-brainer, I want to make sure you understand exactly how much you are being offered...

And then we can get into the juicy details that makes this class a sought-after opportunity.

Why you should be enrolling in the ERDI Underwater Crime Scene Investigator course taught by Northeast Public Safety Divers

This is not just another “certification-farming” course, full of information taken from other classes and redistributed to you.

Now that we’re basically friends, I feel comfortable telling you that peddling other instructor’s stuff is irresponsible, dishonest… and straight up bullshit.

And anyone can read a book before trying to teach you what’s in it.

Again, bullshit.

If there’s anything that really adds to the depth of a lesson… it’s actual experience working with the material in the real world, under real emergency conditions.

All of our staff divers are active experienced public safety divers on active teams that regularly answer calls for evidence location and recovery.

We teach hundreds of public safety divers a year, all over the country, on the technical aspects of public safety diving.

The two primary people you will be hearing from have a wealth of diving and evidence experience (detailed more below).

The Constitutional law, criminal procedures, interviewing, and courtroom preparation sections will be taught directly from rich law enforcement experience and will include techniques honed over years of responding to actual crimes and in-water emergencies.

Locating evidence, search tactics, evidence packaging and body recovery will be drawn right from the real-world dive experience of the instructors teaching you.

There are no “un-proven theories” here. Only the raw fundamentals that we use every day.

“Tim Andro and Northeast Public Safety Divers are the real-deal

…I’ve been an operator and instructor teaching public safety diving for years. I’ve run into my fair share of “instructors” that talked a good game but haven’t been in a shit spot during an operation for a long time, if ever. Tim and his crew teach what they use in the field year-round. And they do it with passion and real-world operational experience.”

Lt. Kevin Kemmerling
Dive Team Commander, Tulare County Sheriff’s Office
Owner, Black Mask Divers

We insist on teaching with an interactive environment

Ever sat through a boring lecture where all you do is listen to someone talk for hours with no break, and no change?

Our classes are the complete opposite!

We will pose engaging questions, help you work through the concepts instead of just dumping them on you, and get you up and moving with props, containers, demonstrations, tools, and examples.

What you take from this class will be largely determined by what you put into it.

The instructors will not leave until you understand what we’re teaching

Have you ever had a class or course end… but you still had questions?

And your only choice was to stand near the instructor awkwardly while they packed up… Hoping they would notice you and come over?

That won’t be happening here.

We will not leave until every student has all their questions answered… even if it takes another couple hours.

Yes, we have been accidentally locked inside a lecture hall because the maintenance staff thought we were long gone…

Yes, we’ve arrived home at midnight because a concept wasn’t addressed enough…

Yes, we leave class only to meet up and have staff meetings for another few hours… JUST to make sure we cover it all.

And we’ll do it the same way every time.

I simply can’t recommend these guys enough. The depth of their knowledge is deeper than any recovery dive I will ever have to do...”


“These guys are spectacular. Simply the best. Thorough without being overbearing. The willingness to answer questions and then really explain the reasoning behind their answers. The fact that our dive team and their instruction team was nearly 1:1 meant that all of our guys were always under the immediate guidance and supervision when necessary. It also meant that if a member of the team needed a little more help with a specific skill, it wasn’t at the expense of other teammates. The instructor just stuck with that student until the skill was mastered. I simply can’t recommend these guys enough. The depth of their knowledge is deeper than any recovery dive I will ever have to do. Thanks Tim & Co.!”

Ryan Bennett, former student

Bonuses! You get more than just the class!

Your New Family

Every one of our students becomes part of our family, a role we take seriously.

That means you can call any one of us, at any time, for advice, questions, help on how to approach a scene or problem… or we might even show up if you got something good going on.

Honestly, the coolest thing for an instructor is to receive a consultation call at an odd hour… because your students are out there doing the job you trained them for and they want to know even more.

Our commitment to provide you with the most comprehensive information does not end when you leave the building. You will have our cell phone numbers, personal email, social media, etc. All at your encouraged disposal.

If you want to be at the top of your game of PSD, you need to give the NEPSD a serious try. Their methods and attitude are what our industry need.


Northeast Public Safety Divers takes the training of members of the PSD community serious. The most memorable item that I learned was that Tim Andro gave his personal e-mail and stated that this is a lifetime commitment between all the students and him personally. Learning doesn’t end and that if, as one of his students, you have a question you need to call. That level of commitment is amazingly reassuring.

If you want to be at the top of your game of PSD, you need to give the NEPSD a serious try. Their methods and attitude are what our industry need.”

Louis Schnibbe, former student

Your Textbook

As part of this course you will receive a brand new copy of the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations, Second Edition (normally $55).

This is widely considered “the Bible” of underwater crime scene investigation and we will spend a good bit of time referencing it.

That is yours to keep and refer to when needed.

Free enrollment in the award-winning Human Factors in Diving: Essentials online class

This free-to-you class (normally $97) is put on by the Human Diver, an organization dedicated to teaching high-performance divers and teams about the small human factors that contribute to failures, accidents, and deaths.

From the Human Diver: This 3-hour online class is a great starting point to find out why we make mistakes and how we can reduce the likelihood of an accident or adverse event occurring. We dive into decision making, situational awareness, communication and cooperation skills, and crucially, their interdependence. Using case studies and practical exercise, we bring the topic to life.

Breakfast and Lunch!

We will provide breakfast and lunch at the classroom location, on both days. Can’t beat that.

If you are interested in public safety / emergency rescue diving training with NPSD is a must...”


“Northeast Public Safety Divers is an elite training organization that will turn your team into a unit that can operate at a high level. If you are interested in public safety / emergency rescue diving training with NPSD is a must. Tim Andro is the leader and organizer of this training organization and he brings a ton of experience and organizational skills to the table. Tim is supported by a team of individuals who have a wide variety of diving skills and experiences. In addition to learning the technical details and insightful advice, your team’s culture will undergo a metamorphosis in which you will emerge bonded and with immense trust in your fellow divers, tenders, and additional dive team support staff. I would give NPSD my highest recommendation in the world of public safety diving.

Austin Frank, former student

The Real Gold: Our Instructors

The real value of any class is in the knowledge and skills of whoever is teaching it.

Students of this class will be hearing primarily from the following two people…

Portrait image of Tim Andro, ERDI Instructor

Tim Andro

SDI & ERDI Instructor, Owner of NePSD, UCI Master Underwater Criminal Investigator

Tim is the founder, owner, and head certifying instructor of Northeast Public Safety Divers.

Tim began diving in 2005 and became an SDI and ERDI instructor in 2015. Over the course of his extensive dive career, Tim has accrued over 100 individual dive certifications and logged over 3,000 dives (including over 800 deco dives) to depths of up to 225′ on both OC and CCR.

Tim is also an active firefighter (since 1999) and public safety diver on the Mahwah Fire and Rescue Co #1 Dive Rescue team, where he is also the Coordinator of that team. In his position as coordinator, Tim has commanded dive operations for the FBI, US Coast Guard, NY and NJ Port Authority Police, and numerous other jurisdictions.

His expertise is widely recognized in the public safety dive community where he has been a requested speaker at numerous dive conferences and seminars, as well as a requested consultant on emerging dive standards.

As a special request, Tim authored a few chapters on public safety diving for legendary UCI Diver Mike Berry, to be published in Mike’s latest textbook on underwater evidence recovery. Tim also wrote the back cover endorsement for that book.

Tim received the ERDI “Outstanding Instructor Award” for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Portrait image of James Warnet ERDI Instructor

James Warnet

Master SCUBA Diver, ERDI Dive Supervisor, UCI Master Underwater Criminal Investigator

James brings more than 15 years of firefighter experience and nearly a decade of dive experience to the team.

He is a member of the Mahwah Fire & Rescue Co #1 Dive Rescue team, where he is a lead public safety diver, supervisor, and lead UCI diver. As part of this role, James has performed numerous evidence dives for everything from guns to bodies to cars, in some of the most contaminated water in the Northeast Region.

James is also a twice-certified law enforcement officer (former), and a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the FBI Advanced Police Course and the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute.

His law enforcement experience, formal training on interview and interrogation, Constitutional law and evidence collection (from both Homeland Security and the FBI) make him an invaluable asset for crime scene operations, and teaching those skills for Underwater Crime Scene Investigator courses.

James is also the resident webmaster and tech genius, and a freelance copywriter.

Special Guest Speaker

Ronald G. Weller

Ron is an Assistant State’s Attorney at the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in Connecticut. He has been a prosecutor for over 25 years, handling everything from quadruple homicides to ticket scalping. Ron is also an adjunct Professor at Quinnipiac Law School and has taught at University of Connecticut Law School, and provided training for police officers at the Connecticut Police Academy.

Ron is also a PADI Scuba Instructor at Scuba Shack in Rocky Hill, CT. He has assisted in scuba training for Public Safety dive teams and has provided training on evidence recovery and criminal trial procedures.

The Cost

This course is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill diver class…

The majority of the lecture material is based specifically on the instructors’ personal experience as public safety divers performing evidence recoveries, and formal training and experience as a law enforcement officer.

In other words… there are large parts of this class that you won’t be getting anywhere else.

Students will also receive:

  • A brand new copy of the Encyclopedia of Underwater Investigations (normally $55)

  • Free enrollment in the award-winning Human Factors in Diving: Essentials online course (normally $97)

  • Breakfast and Lunch on both days delivered to the classroom

  • ERDI Certification card

Similar courses offered by other instructors with less experience can run $1600 – $2000 a spot…

For us, our course built on the fundamentals of evidence recovery and backed by years of experience…

Is available for just $1,200 a student.

A deposit of only $299 is needed to secure your seat…

And the remaining balance of $901 will be due no less than three weeks (21 days) before the start of the class (Dec. 18th).

Payments can be made via credit card through our fully-secure payment processing gateway.

Department Purchase Orders are fully accepted and a signed PO will secure your spot.

Fair warning: There are only 30 student spots for this class. We will not add extra spots for anyone who waits too long to enroll.

If you need to cancel your enrollment and receive a refund… No problem!

You must do so in writing before December 8th, 2021 (for a full refund) and before January 6th, 2022 for a full refund minus the cost of your textbook ($55).

Textbooks will be mailed to your house four weeks before class start, so you can being reading the material.

“Awesome. How do I get in?”

Enrollment is easy, but is handled on a case-by-case basis. To keep the quality of the course as high as possible, we may vet your dive experience and role on an active team.

To start your enrollment process, click here to open an email to TAndro@northeastpsd.com (or copy the address to your own email client).

Please include the following in the email:

Subject: I want in to your UCI course!

Body of the email should include…

  • First and Last Name

  • Department/Agency

  • Phone number

  • How many spots you are requesting

  • Will you be using a PO or a credit card?

We will follow up with additional instructions and information. There is no other way into this course but to email us.

That’s all it takes to secure your spot in the course that will transform your skillset…

Enroll today before spots run out.

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