Tim Andro

Tim is the founder, owner, and head certifying instructor of Northeast Public Safety Divers. Tim began diving in 2005 and became in SDI and ERDI instructor in 2015. Over the course of his extensive dive career, Tim has accrued over 100 individual dive certifications and logged over 4,000 dives to depths over 200'. Tim is also an active firefighter (since 1999) and public safety diver on the Mahwah Fire and Rescue Co #1 Dive Rescue team, where he is also the Coordinator of that team since 2015. In his position as coordinator, Tim has commanded dive operations for the FBI, US Coast Guard, NY & NJ Port Authority Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and numerous other smaller jurisdictions. His expertise is widely recognized in the public safety dive community where he has been a speaker at numerous dive conferences and has received the ERDI "Outstanding Instructor Award" for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Portrait image of James Warnet ERDI Instructor

James Warnet

James brings more than 15 years of firefighter experience and nearly a decade of dive experience to the team.

He is a member of the Mahwah Fire & Rescue Co #1 Dive Rescue team, where he is a lead public safety diver, supervisor, and lead UCI diver.

James is also a twice-certified law enforcement officer (former), and a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the FBI Advanced Police Course and the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute.

His law enforcement experience, formal training on interview and interrogation, Constitutional law and evidence collection (from both Homeland Security and the FBI) make him an invaluable asset for crime scene operations, and teaching those skills for Underwater Crime Scene Investigator courses.

James is also the resident webmaster and tech genius, and a freelance copywriter.

Portrait image of James Finneran ERDI instructor

James Finneran

James Finneran is a SDI Divemaster and ERDI Supervisor, along with being an active firefighter for over a decade. James is exceptionally calm under pressure and is very good at talking students through problems and building their confidence.

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